Welcome to Webbitron Beta!

Biiig bang!!

Congratulations netizens! The Digiverse has finally come into existence and soon you will officially be a part of it. You are among the first ones to explore its web cluster's first website, Webbitron! Here, you will find micro communities, live streaming, online games, and so much more! Check out the different sets (subsite), they keep adding. Find your niche and enjoy. Cheers!

Supah Ozum Admin

You can help us make good decisions for this project! Your inputs are valuable to us. This is an early announcement that we have upcoming surveys this year.

We are thinking to collaborate with different platforms (sites or apps) to make the platform more engaging in the future. We need both your contributions, either via donation or via submmitting your input to our surveys.

What are the things you love about Webbitron?

  • It's useful and/or entertaining.
  • Its respect for privacy and security.
  • I haven't seen anything like this before.
  • Its causes like charity, green tech., etc.
  • It has collected cool stuffs in one place.
  • It's not political, so there's no censorship.

As a website and a brand, this project is created to support the community programs of Digiblex, an upcoming non-profit and non-government organization. If you want to get involved in the project, just contact us. We need volunteer set officers. Thanks to our early project supporters Allan P. Martin and Astha Mehrotra! If you want to help us financailly, please consider donating. Thank you.

This project is brought to you by Digiblex.
This month, we'd like to give special mention to Donorbox.
A big shoutout to Fiverr marketplace!

This project is under construction, and is 86% towards Beta phase. You can help/motivate us by donating any amount.