[ Digiblex ]   community-building digital innovation

Digiblex is a cloud-operated community-building non-profit organization. It exists as a Digital Multiverse, using funds and earnings from a variety of digital products, services, and technologies to bless those who are in desperate need. We live for this cause. We plan to be stationed both in the UK/Switzerland and the Philippines. We have multiple advocacies and future activities in charity, health, academics, personal development, environment, and livelihood.

We are a non-religious organization but we may partner with some, helping people in every aspect we can. The majority of Webbitron's revenue will fund the community-building activities of Digiblex. With your generous support, more community needs will be addressed and more people will be reached.

[ Webbitron ]   the best of the web in one place!

Webbitron is the first brand under Digiblex and the first ever web multisite that integrates online communities, trendy contents, quality web modules, and recommendations categorically. It is not an online productivity suite, not a social network, and not a content aggregator - it's a mix of these and more! The idea is to integrate and arrange them all here, highlighting the best ones. It's a new concept and we call it Digital Multiverse Web Aggregation & Integration (DM-WAI). Below are the main navigation items of the platform:

  • Subsites: also called "sets" in system perspective, these are the categorizations by niche
  • Profile: 1-person profile card with his/her social integrations and recent microcontents
  • Convos: chat with anyone anytime by location or language with no particular topic
  • Postings: only the more techy registered members will be able to post here later
  • Reviews: we're also a crowdtesting & review site, evaluating digital products/services

Webbitron proudly stands as the very first DM-WAI Platform. Perhaps, "the next big thing" all of us have been waiting for! With your support, nothing is unreachable. We want to partner with you! Yes, you as a netizen - all individuals and organizations. Soon, powered by ethical AI, most of the coolest things you can find online will be here. Our slogan says it all in a nutshell, "the best of the web in one place!"

Currently, Webbitron is composed of a small team of innovative volunteers. If you see this project promising, you are welcome to help in ways you can. The project is an open collaboration, no signup, no annoying ads, and completely free. You can voluntarily contribute through at least one of these actions/roles:

  • Donation & Sponsorship: we treasure and/or recognize primary funders
  • Business/Org. Partnership (open): Favidia Studio & others (confidential)
  • SocMed Influencers: we're looking for influencers to freely plug the project
  • Research & Creatives: volunteers for research, design, & development
  • Community Officers: volunteers for moderation, recruitment, & marketing
  • Recent Integrations: Coohom, HybridIRC, Roomtodo, Excalidraw, LiPoker, Icons8, Gemioli, PaintZ, OpenGlobus

If you're a Philanthrophic Investor, we'd love to hear from you. All the contributions will keep this platform free for all. If you get involved now (at early stages), we will welcome you as a member of the Webbi family! Let's buid this together. Be part of the future! To get started, email us now.