Organizational Values

  1. Security: We apply and pursue strict security measures from applying SSL, installing antivirus, securing passwords, using multiple backend checks, auto-backup of the files & DB, and the like. We are even prioritize partnering with like-minded organizations.
  2. Privacy: You may have noticed that we are not requiring you to sign up to explore the website. This is because we don't need them, especially if you're not going to access member-only features. We even discourage you to use your primary email address if you sign up, if you don't need to. With this, you already know we're not interested to sell your information and we're serious in protecting your privacy.
  3. Simplicity: We will use different designs for the sets as long as simplicity is still the main principle. We do not want to recreate platforms and modules that already exist so we partner with companies/organizations and keep things simple from our end.
  4. Orderliness: We like arranging topics, modules, features, and even ads by categories as much as possible. This will keep the contents in order, easy to navigate, and highly expandable. Variety of subtopics are controlled (by popularity) because though we try to be as comprehensive as possible, we also make sure sets are non-redundant.
  5. Netizenship: We do have raffles, benefits, and freebies for our members. This is like a virtual family promoting a sense of belongingness in the communities and as a whole inside the platform. We encourage meeting new people, freedom of speech (non-censorship), and productivity at work/school.
  6. Innovation: We embrace all forms of innovation, as long as they promote betterment of the society as a whole. We promote green technology, technology ethics, transparency in data management, computer therapy, etc. and we lean towards Web 2.5 (hybrid). We believe that integration of informatics in different areas of studies and aspects of life is essential in the modern age, as long as human rights and personal privacy is not at risk.