HuggingChat is a very intelligent no-signup ChatGPT alternative! To avoid setup/cookie issues, please use a non-Chromium browser like Firefox. Wanna try another? SimiSimi and BotLibre also have bots you can chat with.

The top kids chat rooms are AllKidsChat, Kids Chat Net, OMG Kids, AmiAbu, and Kids Teen Chat. To be able to login, you need to use a non-Chromium browser like Firefox.

Disclaimer: The rules and policies here subject to the host platform and not with Webbitron.

Case Convert is an online case converter tool, to make your life a bit easier. Other good ones are Picsart AI Writer, Typely, and Mote. If you're not using smart phone, you may need to set this to fullscreen.



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Using, you can protect your personal email address from spam, bots, phishing and other online abuse. Others are Maildrop,, and Crypto G Mail. We feature/mention them here simply because they are the best disposable email web apps ever!

The top technical email services that are very useful to create email templates are MJML (markup language w/ editor) and Topol (builder).

Shorouk has a complete list of common and useful emojis. Just right-click an emoji and copy-paste.

Chatinum has a lobby chat room that you can join w/out signing up. Other ones like Chatogo using CodyChat (for non-Chromium browsers like Firefox), Dialogoo (demo), ICQ Chat, and HTML5 Chat are also excellent!

Seeking to revive it, we turned Freenode IRC to a multi-language chatroom! GeoxChat (Georgia), MinichatHR (Croatia), Chatsansar (Nepal), CyIRC (Cyprus), euIRC (Europe), and Chat27 (South Africa) are also really nice regional chat rooms.

This amazing form from Typeform only accepts 10 feedbacks every month. If you wish to submit one, please do so with all honesty. We'd love to hear from you.

Text To Speech is a technology that enables text to be converted into speech sounds imitative of the human voice. This is a working demo from Speechify. Voice Booking also has offers something like this. They both offer good demos in this category.

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Convos is a collection of various digital communication-related web modules that you can use directly in your browser. There is no specific topic, you can talk about anything.

If you host a Roundcube, RainLoop, Afterlogic or any free webmail and you wish it to be featured here, please contact us. We'd love to feature a self-hosted webmail here.

Other possible upcoming modules are language translation, sending fax online, shoutouts, online counseling, and more ideas will come.More modules will be added. We will really appreciate if you inspire us with your support.

Webbi administration believes in lawful freedom of speech and effective communication of people from all over the world. If you wanna get paid by simply being honest about yourself and how you feel, click here: PaidViewPoint. Here in Convos, we will feature the best digital communication apps in the Internet!