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The Art of Jon Han, Illustrator

Jon Han creates surreal, digital renderings that meld digital environs with painterly mark-making. His process combines contemporary digital tools, traditional painting, and collage to produce unconventional illustrations.

Learn more about his trajectory into illustration after pivoting away from mechanics, his mission to stay authentic, and the process of illustrating for heavy-hitters like the New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Los Angeles Times by tuning in.
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Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Canva is co-founded by Melanie Perkins, a Filipina-Australian.

If you have any desktop publishing needsproject that requires designs of flyers, logos, posters, brochures, menus, resumes, graphs, planners, letterheads, calendars, stickers, photo books, labels, invitations, postcards, greeting cards, and the like, we highly recommend Canva. To use their free templates that best fit your needs, just join Canva under their free plan.

  1. Spiderman Motion Capture by jlwande2
  2. The Unlikely Band by 6TMD-Modeling
  3. Knight by Rodrigo Gonçalves
  4. G2: Cyborg Characters by Qsuang Phan
  5. TAHK by Rodrigo Gonçalves
  6. Fabienne & Percy Posed 001 by Renderpeople
  7. Michael Jordan NBA by tranduyhieu2017
  8. US Air Cavalry OH-6 Cayuse Helicopter Set 01 by Ronald C.
  9. Mech Animation by Artem Shupa-Dubrova
  10. Imrod [UltraModding] by UltraKill
  11. Dark Vicar V1 by ZBrush-Hero
  12. Dart Necron by dremorn
  13. Hogger by Tim Moreels
  14. Bumblebee Transformer Skin Animation by tijithpeter
  15. Biomechanical Whale Animated by iggy-design
  16. Knight Artorias and Great Grey Wolf Sif by 9S
  17. PUBG Poseidon X- Suit Model 3D Model by Mr. Edee India
  18. Vi lol by Gilberto Magno
  19. Sea Dragon by Fox3D
  20. Educational Work by MariaGrad
  21. Liberté d'Expression by 6TMD-Modeling
  22. Cheyenne Monster by godofthedead
  23. Russian Army T-90A Main Battle Tank - Arms Expo Version Set 01 by Ronald C.
  24. Stylized Tiger Mount by N-hance Studio
  25. Death Knight by Valery Panasenko
  26. Master-Chief by UltraKill
  27. Shadow Moon: Fan Art by Rodrigo Gonçalves
  28. balmond collector skin by Dboyz
  29. Raziel by YAN
  30. Caudeus, Magma Tail Dragon by AndresCastaneda
  31. Triceratops horridus Marsh, 1889
  32. Chibi Saiyans by Marcos Faci
  33. Guardians of the Galaxy Diorama by Jeff de Guzman
  34. Der real bikers! by 6TMD-Modeling
  35. Dream by 6TMD-Modeling
  36. phoenix bird by NORBERTO-3D
  37. Yu Zhong Black Fierce Dragon by maze_collection
  38. secretaire travail by patrick R.
  39. zilong epic lb skin by Dboyz
  40. A Monster Calls by Marcus Whinney
  41. General Triplescar by Dirigible
  42. Claude Blazing Trace by maze_collection
  43. Samurai Remastered 2 by dremorn
  44. Hanabi Rakshesha by maze_collection
  45. MALE by Brian W.
  46. Granger Biosoldier by maze_collection
  47. Blacksmith by Rodrigo Gonçalves
  48. Luo Yi Yin Yang Geomancer by maze_collection
  49. Testing by randytayler
  50. Brand, a Vingança Flamejante by GoldandHonor
  51. The Betrayer by Alejandro Valdez
  52. Silvanna Midnight Justice by maze_collection
  53. Galaxy For Hire Robots by Dirigible
  54. SciFi Thanatos
  55. balmond elite skin (1) by Dboyz
  56. monkey king by m2fili
  57. Dennis Posed 004 by testmeboi
  58. Trigonis the Blademaster by Dirigible
  59. Tarbosaurus by biomechanic
  60. Red Ranger (2017) by cesardamata
  61. หนุ่ม โหนกระแส by KHONGLEN
  62. Superman VS Doomsday by cesardamata
  63. Wolverine by cesardamata
  64. Office Guy by JimZhang
  65. Mei Posed 001 by Renderpeople
  66. Leonardo by unBlakeable
  67. ZED by theQiwiMan
  68. Armstrong Space Suit
  69. Animated Chris Rock Vs. Will Smith Oscars Slap by LasquetiSpice
  70. Light Walker by sketchup god
  71. poop man by heckinboy
  72. Assassin's Creed - Altair by Jason Shoumar
  73. Pep Guardiola by KHONGLEN
  74. Eve Weisenhart by Jonas Garden
  75. Apache Wars Indian Scout by Wolf Z.
  76. Knight with Spear by Matthew S.
  77. Alison Rigged 001 by Renderpeople
  78. Ur Draug by bevisbear
  79. Ultraman Max by cesardamata
  80. Cat by 3dpetshop
  81. George Washington

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